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Home to the 32nd and longest-serving president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt returned to Hyde Park often, drawing on this place to renew his spirit during times of personal and political crisis. Explore the Roosevelt saga in the homes of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, the exhibits at the nation’s first Presidential Library, and over a thousand acres of gardens and trails.

A large group of people crowd around the front of a house draped in American flags.

The Roosevelt Story

Hyde Park is the best place to get to know the Roosevelts.

A barbed wire fence with an American flag in the background.

"Beyond the Barbed Wire"

This series will look beyond the historical facts relating to E.O. 9066 and explore the human side of the story.

A three story stucco house with semicircular entrance portico.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours of Springwood are available in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture.

Two park rangers repair a wooden porch.

Preservation at the Home of FDR

Read about the work we are currently doing to preserve FDR's home for future generations.

A man standing on a stair landing is looking closely at a naval painting.

Home of FDR Tours

Everything you need to know about access to FDR's home and how to obtain your tickets.

Last updated: February 22, 2023

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